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Do you feel trapped, struggling to find direction to move forward or bring about change?

Is your spiritual life lacking luster? Are you having trouble feeling connected to God?

Do the words “flourish”, “thrive”, “resilience” grab your attention? Does a part of you say “I want that!”

Are you ready to grow vigorously in both your inner and outer life?

We Press On is a Biblically-based mental health practice for Christians who are ready to move forward victoriously, pressing on in strength and in Truth.

It is my goal for Christian women (or men) to stand strong and healthy, fully knowing and appreciating who she is, intimately knowing and loving The One who created her, confidently living in the Truth, and moving forward toward the destiny He has called her uniquely to.

How do I help Christian women?

Together we will organize, prioritize, and strategize you toward achieving your personal and professional goals while:

deepening spiritual relationship and discovering new meaning and purpose

increasing self-awareness through identifying unique strengths and traits

improving resiliency to overcome obstacles, promote growth, and leverage change

building positive emotions to neutralize harmful negative emotions


I specialize in helping people live stronger, more purposeful lives by growing in their unique strengths, in resiliency, & in positive emotion. I am a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach with over 20 years of experience as a professional psychotherapist.

Together, we press on in strength, taking hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of for you.

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