About Me

About Me

Top Questions I Get Asked

Why do I no longer practice psychotherapy?

There is a long answer and a short one. The short of it is twofold: 1) I did not want to continue to live under the pressure of having to label someone with a diagnosis in order to help them; that has long term consequences I was no longer willing to take part in. 2) Our spiritual lives are so intricately interwoven into our beliefs about adversity, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, that to be forced to not address them was counterproductive to the healing process.

I do value the field of psychotherapy, however, and I appreciate those Believers who continue to practice.

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What sets my practice apart?

Me. I believe that is true for each counseling and coaching practitioner. My strengths, my experiences, all contribute to who I am as a coach/counselor/director/practitioner. Finding a “good fit” with the person you work with is important. For me, my love of learning and natural curiosity (2 strengths) propel me towards getting to know and understand my client. I am naturally interested in who they are and how they operate. My strengths of kindness and justice create a warm and fair environment which allow me to come alongside each person as their advocate and to treat them gently, with dignity and respect. My strengths of spirituality and appreciation of beauty and excellence, both transcendent virtues, embody my practice. My deepest desire is to help fellow followers of Christ to develop their spiritual relationship with our Creator in such as way as to find resilience and flourishing in every other part of their lives. When life is going smoothly, may it be experienced joyfully. When the darkness of this world seeps in or when adversity strikes, may it be experienced in comfort and confidence alongside our living and active God. May we sail through it like Paul, not denying the reality, but embracing the opportunities.

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I know that our Creator is real. He is living and active. He hears, He answers, He cares more deeply than we are able to imagine. Now is the time to connect to Him.

What is the biggest misconception about my field?

The biggest misconception would be that the study of psychology is sacrilegious.

How I put my clients at ease?

In spite of being an extreme introvert, I am pretty open and honest, down to earth. It appears that relaxes people.

What do I love most about my profession?

Seeing others grow strong!

What is one thing your practice offers that is really unique?

Pairing the tools of resiliency with spiritual direction and deepening is probably the most unique aspect of my practice.

What is the most memorable thing I learned this year? (Okay, I added this one.)

“It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful.”

What is my heart’s desire, or main goal, in my ministry of life coaching/counseling?

I desire to see followers of Christ grow in such strength of love, purpose, awareness, and resilience that they cannot be shaken. This song sums it up: