What Life Coaching is:

A Christian Life Coach comes alongside the client and walks with her from where she is at now, to where she wants to be. A Coach helps break the client’s goals down into specific, measurable steps, and moves the client forward toward growth & change through discovery, accountability, questions, encouragement, and celebration of successes.

Coaching is action & solution-oriented, and its focus is on clarifying what is right with the client – unique strengths, giftings, values, and characterstics. Results are what coaching is about.

A Coach-client relationship is a powerful tool for change.

What Life Coaching is NOT:

Life Coaching is NOT psychotherapy or psychiatry, nor does it replace psychotherapy or psychiatry.

While psychotherapy is also about growth & change, its focus is on past issues and hurts a client needs healing from. It looks at what is wrong. A client has gone from normal functioning (0) to subnormal functioning (-2).

If you suffer from a mental illness, continue seeking therapy. If you believe coaching will be beneficial in addition to your therapy, a signed form acknowledging such must be submitted to and verified by your Coach from your mental health professional prior to any coaching commitment.

Who needs a Professional Christian Life Coach?

Anyone can benefit from coaching at different times in their life, but not everyone needs therapy. There are many types of Professional Life Coaches and their areas of expertise may cover such specialties as marriage, divorce, weight loss, nutrition, wellness, financial planning, small business building, college-planning, parenting, spiritual development, and on and on.

A Professional Life Coach can shave years off of the learning curve! I like the word picture of “standing on someone’s shoulders”. You can get further, faster, by learning from someone’s successes and mistakes, by guided goal-setting, and by accountability.

What do I mean by “Christian” Life Coaching?

God is the authority over my life and His Word is my guide.

Tests, assessments, goals, exercises, and homework will never be in contradiction of the Biblical standard.

I believe that Christian women have unique challenges that require delicate attention not only to her mind and body, but to her spirit, in a healthy Biblical context. Therefore, I limit my practice to Christian women only, so that my full attention remains aligned with her needs through Christ.


A quick warning here:  Coaching is only for those who are committed to pressing on toward a more fulfilling life and who are willing to do the work it will take to get there!